The temperature is dropping, it’s starting to become cold and dark, and the days are dreary; yes, winter is just around the corner! Believe us when we say we’re not excited that it’s upon us, however with our hearty advice, multiple layers of clothes, and a few festive Starbucks drinks, I’m sure we can get through it together! Take note of our advice and be prepared for winter at university! 

Your hot water bottle will become your best friend:

You can pick a hot water bottle up for less than £5. You can find them in most supermarkets like Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury’s or purchase them online from Amazon. Fill with boiling hot water and you have a recipe for a warm and toasty student! Hot water bottles are ideal as they are compact and easily transportable, you can even get comfy covers for them to keep you extra warm. Being so warm and easily transportable they are perfect for a late-night university study session or for when you are lounging on the sofa watching friends!

Say goodbye to fashion:

It’s Tuesday morning, -2oc, the wind is so strong your finding it hard to walk and it’s just started to rain (we know this sounds like a horror movie). This is when you need to wrap up and have lots of layers! We suggest the fluffiest and thickest clothes you have, the more layers the better! Thermal leggings could be a great start, you can pick these up cheaply online, or take a visit to Millets or Black’s Outdoor. The more layers you have, the better the chance of trapping heat in your body, resulting in keeping you warmer for longer. You might not look amazing or be photo ready, but comfort and staying warm is the main priority here!

Try and eat well:

Student life can be hectic: lectures, socialising, societies and not forgetting catching up on your favourite Netflix programme. With all this going on it’s easy to make a quick pot noodle, nip to the local supermarket and get a meal deal or even worse, have a bag of Doritos for your tea! We suggest taking time out to cook yourself a large hot meal once a day; this will help you feel fuller for longer and can keep you warm and give you energy. If you share a kitchen and live with other students in shared accommodation, why not choose a night to cook and take it in turns, trying different recipes but keeping warm whilst you do! 

Set several alarms:

Students love sleep – it’s a proven fact! During the winter months we suggest setting several alarms to make sure you wake up extra early for all that snow! It’s harder to wake up when the mornings are darker and it’s colder, so by setting several alarms we’re sure you will be able to make it through the cold and in to university! Why not select the pop song you hate as your alarm tone? This can only help you wake up even quicker!

Be smart about heating:

If you are living in shared student accommodation then we suggest you sit down and plan when you are turning the heating on. It may seem silly doing this but large heating costs can cause arguments and even worse, you could leave someone in your house feeling cold! Plan when everyone is in the house together, agree that you will put the heating on at certain times and turn it off when you leave for university. If you have a smart meter, reach out to the app lover in your student house and get them to keep on top of the app, choosing when to turn the heat on and off to reduce costs.

Take the track inside:

Throughout the winter months it’s hard to get out for a jog with dark evenings and cold rainy weather. We suggest you hit your local gym, or if the university has one, you can work out there too. Safety is a priority and unless you have Hi-Viz running jackets and thermal clothing, taking your workouts indoors is a good way to stay warm but also keep active. Pure Gym offers cheap memberships for students, it’s a great way of not spending a lot of money and getting your workout in.

Coffee will get you through late library sessions:

Hopefully you have located the nearest Starbucks, Costa Coffee or Café Nero on campus. Make sure you pop in and visit them for a festive drink ranging from spiced coffee, indulgent hot chocolates and festive themed cakes. A spiced pumpkin latte could be the perfect cure for keeping you comfortable whilst you study hard into the night! 

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