3 simple ways to personalise your home without causing damage to your property.

You’re about to move into a new place which you can’t wait to personalise and decorate. Your tenancy agreement contains restrictions on decorations, putting holes in the walls and bring in in additional furniture. You don’t want to break the rules and risk losing your deposit but you want to put your own stamp on the place and make it feel like home. How can you personalise the property without causing any damage?

1.Bring the family with you.

Buy some free-standing frames to place on dressers and sideboards and fill them with pictures of your loved ones. This will help you to feel like your family and friends are close by, especially if this is your first home living by yourself or if you have moved to a new city or town.

2.Find a signature scent.

The use of candles can often be prohibited from use in rental homes as they can pose a fire hazard.

Instead use a plug in or diffuser to add scent to your home.

After a long hard day, returning to a fragrance that is familiar can be comforting and help you to unwind.

3.Get Colour coordinated.

Pick a colour and buy items in that colour to bring the décor of the rooms together.

You might want to opt for a colour per room or use one colour theme for the whole property.

Cushions, throws, rugs and lampshades are an easy way to add colour without causing damage and can be easily taken with you when you leave your current property to decorate your next home.

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