Now I know what you’re thinking, a blog written about yourself is a little egotistical and doesn’t really count right? Well, you might be correct, but how else are we supposed to tell you about how great we are? We aren’t claiming that we’re better than any other letting agent (although we probably could), we just simply want you to know what level of service you can expect when renting through us, and what better way than to put all of this information in one handy little place for you to read?

Below is a generous list of 20 reasons why YPP is the agent to choose. Read this and you’ll understand how we’ve become one of the biggest letting agents in the north.

1.Knowledge – Competing in the lettings industry for almost 10 years brings with it a fountain of knowledge. Our operations manager, maintenance manager and lettings supervisor have a combined 50 years’ worth of experience alone. Coming from various backgrounds within the property sector, all of our employees have come together to bless us with their wisdom, creating one big team of experienced lettings consultants. No question is too big or small, ask us anything, we’ll be happy to help.

2.Portfolio – With properties across Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Harrogate and York we have an extensive portfolio. Unless you’re looking for a property with self-opening doors, a secret lair, a bed made of chocolate and a money tree, then there’s a very good chance we’ll have something that matches your requirements.

3.No hidden fees – Nobody likes to be hit with a surprise bill or unexpected fees so we always make sure our tenants know exactly what they’ll need to pay, upfront. We have nothing to hide! (Except the fact we often eat pizza for breakfast, but that’s our biggest downfall we promise).

4.Friendliness – Come on just look at those smiles...

5.High-quality properties – As most of our developments have been refurbished in the last 3 years the vast majority of our properties still sparkle as if they’re brand new. You might compare them to Bradley Cooper’s eyes. Or Jimmy Carr’s teeth.

6.100% involved – Priding ourselves on our complete service from construction through to property management, we offer the full package. From nothing but an idea on a piece of paper being turned into a fully-functioning eight-storey high apartment block, we get to see the whole process, and it’s actually pretty cool.

7.In-house maintenance team – Most letting agents outsource their maintenance, but not us. No, we have our very own team on the roads 24/7 who are managed from our centralised maintenance hub based at our Leeds head office. Ready to tackle any problems that get reported (and believe me after 10 years we’ve seen it all), our friendly, chatty maintenance guys don’t half know their stuff.

8.Cars – Here at YPP we don’t do things by halves. You only need to look at our shiny new fleet of Mercedes’ to see that. Need a lift to your viewing? No problem. YPP’s chauffeur service has a ring to it, don’t you think?

9.Skype viewings – Yes, we’re finally in an era where we can show you around a property without you actually being there. Best thing since sliced bread if you ask me! Through the smashed screen of that little device you paid hundreds of pounds for just to play candy crush, we can now do video call viewings. What a time to be alive!

10.Key locations – Wherever you’ve dedicated your life to for the next year or two, be it University or work, we know that you probably don’t want to spend any more time there than you have to, which is why we’ve carefully chosen the location of our developments to reduce that tiresome commute as much as possible.

11.Great service, all of the time.

12.Late night and weekend viewings available.

13.Detailed inventories.

14.Concierges (and sweets) on-site at most of our big developments.

15.Over 40 members of staff.

16.20% off at all Arc Inspirations restaurants and bars for all tenants.

17.Cold refreshments available in the office.

18.Quick and easy sign-up process.

19.Fantastic reviews from previous and current tenants.

20.We Love property.

By now you should know all about YPP and if you haven’t fallen in love with us then we have failed in our mission. If this really is the case we only ask that you give us a second chance, book a viewing and see for yourself how we really are telling the truth – we live and breathe property.

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